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Monday, July 18

I'm back!

Greetings Earthlings,

Boy, have I got a lot to learn. There are so many things I want to do with this blog and I am having a hard time finding the time to learn how to do them...

I decided to just go ahead and post this card - just to keep the blog 'fresh'.  It's for the Mo's Digital Pencil Too challenge. This week the challenge is to use only black and white with a splash of one color.
I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It is VERY intimidating to be limited to shades of gray to color an image!  Here's a link (I think) to Mo's challenge

This card will be sent with many others I've made to OPERATION WRITE HOME. I make cards for them whenever I have the time. It's a great excuse to craft and the soldiers really appreciate the love from back home. Go check them out!

My next challenge is to keep track of all the challenges out there and what I can make to qualify for more than one at a time! I really don't know how others can keep track of it all!

I'm off to craft...

Party on, Wayne

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