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Wednesday, September 14

I'm a Hambo Hoedown Guest Designer!

Hambo has given me the great honor of being a guest designer this week! The image they gave me to play with is called House 2.

The challenge was to use something from around the house that you don't usually see on a card... Whoa... I've seen lots of unusual things on cards so this one stumped me for a while..  I was cleaning my desk and letting my mojo simmer... desk, pens, scissors, glasses, rubber bands, paper clips.. PAPER CLIPS!!!!!!!!!

My first idea was to make the house look like it was stucco. I colored the image using Copics but I was pretty sloppy. I kept well within the margins because I knew my 'trick' would make the color bleed.

Then I took a piece of terrycloth towel and soaked it with my bottle of colorless blender.

Once the fabric was soaked I held it to the image for a full second, then moved it to a new place..repeating until the image was covered.

This caused the ink to bleed into the white areas. This is why when want to use this technique you need to do it FIRST. Once you're done with this you can remove most of the bleeding using your Copic coloress blender marker.

Then I used the original stucco color to dot in the places where there was still white showing..

Then I colored the rest of the image as usual with my Copics. I toyed with the idea of adding a different texture to the stones on the pillars using a different fabric but I chickened out. I hadn't left any white space to bleed into...

Here comes the paper clip part..

I decided this little place needed a picket fence. I lined up the image on my cutting pad and then put on a strip of double sided sticky tape. I kept the image on the pad to help me line up the 'fence posts.'

There was ooooodles of sticky stuff still exposed so I used flour on a paintbrush on it to take care of the sticky-ness..

I used some Momento Summer Sky ink on a blender to add a little definition to the sky. I assembled the card as usual. The sentiment is one that I made using Photoshop Express.

Here's the final result:

Here are the Copic colors I used:

For starting out stumped, I think it came out pretty well! This is my first opportunity to be a guest designer and I thank Hambo so much for the opportunity!!

Party on, Wayne!


  1. What a wonderful job you have done on this challenge. I have a question. What did you use on the sticky tape---flour?? Just plain flour??? I never knew that would work so well. Thanks for the tip. And yes, it did come out pretty well.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Greetings Gloria-

    Yup. Plain flour. You can also use cornstarch or baby powder. The little container is from Mrs Grossman's but I got it way back in the '80's so it may not be available now. It holds about 2 tablespoons of flour. I think it even came with a small paintbrush.

    A pill box would work too. You only need a trace amount.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Thanks for all the tips and what a beautiful card!


  5. The picket fence is so fabulous!


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